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Alper Cugun09:12:21

I get the feeling that the book only covers a fraction of the language. I keep seeing language constructs the book doesn’t treat.

Alper Cugun09:12:40

What are the areas that are missing and what would be the best way to infill them?

Alper Cugun09:12:28

(Also curious that there would be so many chapters focused on async instead.)


Protocols are in the last chapter if I remember correctly


Things like core.spec is missing I guess, it came in 1.9


Author says that we shouldn’t concern ourselves with performance concerns initially. I agree. Then he introduces take-while before filter and says the only benefit is performance when you think about the sorting of the data


If I had a choice, I’d 100% not be concerned with performance until it became an apparent issue in a real program being written. Then I’d learn it through hot-spot profiling tools and work on it case by case

Alper Cugun15:12:03

I mean you gotta take a different collection depending on whether you want to add to the head or the tail. :man-shrugging::skin-tone-3:


True, with all the usual CS implications of linked list vs array vs hash-map, etc. I’ll only complain if it comes up again and again

Alper Cugun16:12:35

After reading the book, lists, sets, vectors, collections and sequences have turned into a bit of a data structure ooze in my mind.