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Does anyone know what the convention of using a “-” at the beginning of a function name is for? As in


Not sure there is one 😜 I sometimes use it when I think I might make a public version of something (e.g. with specs) but there is a private implementation detail. That way I don’t have to think up two names. Sometimes I use it to reinforce that something is “private”, because cljs does not enforce that.


Ok thanks. I just noticed some private defns don’t use it and wondered if the inconsistency had a reason.


Fulcro 3.4.11 on clojars. Mainly just some minor bug fixes related to running headless in CLJ

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@tony.kay Thanks for all your wonderful work and the immense aggregate value you have created. Happy New Year! 🙏


welcome. Happy new year to you as well.

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)08:01:59

Happy Fulcro Year, everyone!

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Happy New Year everyone! I wanted to start off the year by thanking @tony.kay for his unrelenting effort to build and document Fulcro, RAD, Fulcro-Inspect, Fulcro-Native, guardrails, semantic-ui-wrappers, and a plethora of other great tools and tech (honestly, I don’t know how you do it!). One of my new year’s resolutions is to contribute something back to the Fulcro community as I continue my journey to grok this powerful tech. In that vein, I’ve starting publishing my personal notes on Tony’s excellent video series. The first complete notes are on Tony’s video: (other to be complete). I hope that’s useful to someone - comments, corrections and PRs welcome and all the best for a happy and safe 2021!

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Hi, that sounds great. I’ve been thinking of finding people that want to help with videos and this kind of stuff. youTube does generate closed-caption files from the audio, which of course are mostly crap for tech, but might be a good resource as a base to “tune up” (e.g. fix up into notes?). There are also audio glitches like the occasional cough. If anyone wanted to help be a video “editor” and/or someone that makes readable versions of the videos, that would be a pretty nice resource.


@U01GM5SU5HR if you’re interested, it does look like I can give “editing” permissions to collaborators on YouTube, and you had mentioned an interest in fixing some audio. PM me if you’re still interested.


@tony.kay I’d be happy to look into using the closed-caption YouTube transcription (or some other free services) to create more complete notes for the videos. I’m not versed in video editing but I could certainly take a look at fixing audio glitches etc. (how hard can it be? 🙂 ).

Alex Piers03:01:19

Happy and Healthy New Year! @tony.kay Absolutely, it'd be my pleasure to be your video editor. I shall edit out the audio glitches in the videos while @U0G3C3USJ looks into creating notes for the videos.


Hi @U01GM5SU5HR 🙂 I was able to fix two instances of coughs on 1) “Fulcro RAD Structural Overview” at 25:50 and 2) “Building Things with RAD” at 59:00 directly in YouTube Studio (Tony gave me limited edit access to his channel). Happy to let you take over if / when we find other glitches.


Could you do me a favour and check that the fixes went live on YouTube? Thanks! (RAD Structural Overview).


Building Things with Fulcro RAD :

Alex Piers05:01:51

@U0G3C3USJ Yes, just checked, both videos are live on YouTube and the edits are very well done. Thanks for the quick fix!


@U01GM5SU5HR Many thanks for finding glitches in Part 15: Sessions and UI Routing at 15:27 ( and Part 17: UI State Machines at 25:24 - 25:30 ( I’ve fixed them and they will go live when YouTube finishes processing them.

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Mr. Savy21:01:17

so far I've been able to perform transactions within or one level below the current component. what about the case of a distant component/data tree element? for instance, if I have a button in some component X, but I want the onclick to mutate the data in the tree of a distant cousin's nested div or something?


totally fine


in F2 you used to just indicate what data you were changing for a targeted refresh, but the defaults in Fulcro make it “just work” now

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it’s all about the data