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Thank you for all your work @pez and the rest of the Calva team!

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Happy new year. Is there a list of Calva function names or some API docs? I'd like to add key bindings to VSpaceCode that call Calva functions. For example, defining , e f to evaluate a top level form by calling a function such as calva.evalCurrentTopLevelForm Alternative, I guess I could clone the Calva project and poke around and hopefully use auto-complere to discover function names. Thanks.


If you open the Calva extension in the Extensions pane, there is a tab there Feature Contributions and in there you find a section for Commands. Most commands take no arguments.

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This looks really useful, thanks. Is there a way in VS Code command pallet to show all the Calva related functions?


I have some of the most useful key bindings added to vspacecode and they seem to work very well. There are lots of useful key bindings in the Evaluation sub-menu There are still quite a few key bindings to add (I had forgotten how tedious and error prone writing json can be). I've only needed to over-ride the Calva escape key binding with space+escape . I've added a , e l key binding to clear all evaluations as well


Awesome! Let’s see when you come to paredit. Haha.


paredit seems just as straight forward. There seem to be more paredit commands than I am familiar with, so will require a bit of though about the keys to use The rewrap function is part of refactor in Spacemacs, but it makes sense to add it in structured editing using the same key binding as Calva - i.e. using the ({[" pscq keys I believe I can skip the selecting s-expressions of paredit, as VSpaceCode already has the same selection tools that seem to work.


I’d be very interested in publishing any bindings you produce that way on somewhere.


Some (I guess most) shortcuts are contextual, using the when clause. I don’t know what VSpaceCode allows, but anyway, to find the when clauses, open the Keyboard Shortcuts pane and look for the commands.

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Initially starting with just languageId, adding any when clauses if required


happy new year !


is there a way to reload compiled classes in Calva? Right now I just close vscode, open and re-jack-in . I compile java classes with gen-class that I need to reload


or at least a command to restart and re-jack in without closing vscode ?


@eugen.stan happy new year from the Netherlands

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Happy New Year, @eugen.stan! I’m not sure what it takes to reload compiled classes. But StackOverflow suggests to leave a (comment (compile ')) in the file. Where the comment hides the compile command from itself. Then you should be able to use Calva’s Evaluate Top Level Form on that.

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To restart the REPL, if it is started with Jack-in, you can use the Disconnect REPL command. I’m not sure that is going to stay like that, because it is a bit weird that disconnect also jacks out, I think. But what you can rely on to remain is that if you jack-in again, the process will start with jacking out. So I change my suggestion to “Just jack in again” 😃 .

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New Year’s release of Calva, v2.0.144, with these changes: • See these docs for info about loading current namespace in the repl window

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installling right now

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are there here some people who work in linux ?


I work on linux


oke, I try to find out if there is a problem wth my setip or a problem in a crux tutorial


expeciallty the entity-history part


with my it hangs and with the tutorial maker it works