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@limist I’d love to, but native is kind of a moving target for cljs right now. Technically, it all should work, but until the general native tooling around cljs becomes a bit more usable and stable it isn’t going to be something I spend any time on.


@tony.kay Thanks, makes sense to focus, especially as the it looks to me like fulcro is nearing public launch. 🙂


@tony.kay Would someone who does not know fulcro, but knows the cljs-react-native stack, and Om.Next, have a straightforward path to integrating react-native with fulcro?


@limist if you follow the template with re-natal is not that hard to get it all working, fulcro on top of is just a matter of changing the initialization process, I haven't done a full app, but I made the setup work a few times, just have to remember to change the functions to mount/unmount, the rest is pretty much the same


@tony.kay hey Tony, a question for you. I have the following process here: I have a list of groups that just show the group name, when the user clicks on the group I trigger a load to fetch the group contacts data, but when I start the load I also add some ui data to this component, related to a form to add a new contact to that group, my mutations does the temp contact creation and group data load. The issue I'm having is that when the group load comes back it is not merging the data, instead it's overriding the ident data, making me lose that ui information I had added before. this is the intended behaviour? my expectations would be the load to merge the data, not override it


here is the mutation:


after some investigation, I noticed that problem is not about the merge, but about the query resolution


even my key being an ui key, it is being returned as on my result output, I guess there is some place missing the ui removal on this part of the story


my issue in particular can be solved by adding {:without #{:ui/new-contact}} at the load