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Is possible to test fx events?


Yes, that is one of the big advantages of re-frame's effects-as-data.


@souenzzo the db manipulation part is supposed to be pure, so you can test that, the effect itself,… depends on the effect.


hi, what is the use case of app-db-sorted in re-frisk devtool ?


@binora I assume to make it easier (i.e., more predictable) to find the key you are looking for


@gadfly361 btw, Been using soda-ash since a quite a long. Thanks for the awesome work!


@binora Oh awesome, happy to hear it :)


@reefersleep Yup, the bug was more or less as expected. NP re saying "obvious stuff". Always good to hear it again when looking at a Heisen-bug. @danielcompton - Thanks. Re-frame-trace made it trivial to debug my mistake. It was where I expected it to be. But, it was essentially caused by debugging code trying to prove that another bug could not happen. Your tracer made this all much simpler and cleaner. One thing surprised me: When I expand an event, I expected to see the full vector I had passed it. But, I'm only shown "{}". (re-frisk, at the same time, does show full event). Am I doing something wrong, or is this an issue in re-frame-trace?


Happy to hear it. When we developed re-frame-trace we discovered latent bugs or inefficiencies in our apps very quickly. Also a big thanks to @saskia and @daiyi who have been doing the bulk of the work on it this summer as part of RGSoC