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As a warm up to the Scicloj data science hackathon, I am live broadcasting some simple data science at 10:00 UTC today (Saturday), I am walking through the article in a Clojure REPL and explaining the code as I go. It uses a simple ascii text library for creating graphs, which is relatively simple to use. I'll also have a quick look at Oz with the project. Both these projects use the Johns Hopkins data set. I am not a data scientist, so will be taking a developers approach to this

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Fantastic! How do I join?


I've corrected the initial posting, which now has the youtube link in 🙂


Yeah, I saw the post again, saw the link there and was wondering if I'm losing my mind.

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Brian Abbott23:03:52

Hey Clojurians - I wanted to let everyone know - we are doing a virtual clojure meetup for Clojure-Provo next week instead of meeting in person and, as such, I wanted to extend an invite to the greater Clojure Community as a whole. Event information can be found here: All Clojurians are welcome. It is our first Meetup for Clojure-Provo so, we would actually really love it if you could attend and perhaps give us any feedback you might have on how we might run the best possible Clojure Meetup we possibly can.

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Is that mountain or pacific time zone?