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Usually the source code is in different artifacts (e.g. source jars) and you just have to configure this in your build tool.

Felipe Marques16:03:31

I'm usings clojure (deps.edn). Is it possible to have an out-of-the-box solution for every project that uses deps?

Felipe Marques16:03:41

Oh, and thanks for the response


I’m afraid I haven’t used it much - I’m a lein person myself.


Maybe @U05254DQM is more knowledgable on tools.deps?


First thought is to download the source (where ever that can be downloaded from?), create a symbolic link to it from your project(s). Probably adding a specific :path in the deps.edn file that is the name of the symbolic link. I've never needed to look at the Java source code when coding, I just search in the browser for docs. I very rarely need to do that either.


I know that we are talking the clj cli, but it might be worth checking out the lein-ubersource plugin


it will try to download the source for libraries included in your project.clj, which you would presumably then add to your classpath in the :dev profile or something


Additionally, I have the path to the jdk source in my :resource-paths so that I can jump to source in all my projects. I think that this also enables cider-javadoc


I've noticed that calling cider-doc in a Clojure source code buffer as the first thing after running a Clojure repl (cider-jack-in-clj) fails to work. It prompts with Doc: rather than displaying the function docstring. Entering the name of a function at the prompt fails with the error Symbol ,,, not resolved . If I evaluate an expression, any expression, then cider-doc works perfectly. I believe I get the same issue for clj-find-var . I am using CIDER 0.25.0snapshot (package: <tel:202002271414|20200227.1414>), Emacs 26.3 and Java 11. If this is not a known issue, I'll raise a ticket (I didnt see anything relevant on GitHub issues)