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Why are comments disabled on the clojure/west videos? Is there another channel for discussing these? Sometimes people comment with links to references.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)12:04:12

Probably just accidental setting on upload - I can check on it tomorrow


@tagore - maybe you mean @cemerick ? I think @jocrau might be out your way also. The attendees of the upcoming ClojureBridge at Smith College might also be interested.


@mchampine Yes, pretty sure I was thinking of @cemerick- I seem to recall that he was in Greenfield at one point. And yes, we do indeed have the estimable @jocrau . He gave a couple of very good and very well-received tech talks on Clojure here this fall. I had lunch with him shortly thereafter. He's a very smart guy.


@tagore Cool, thanks - I just found @jocrau’s presentation materials! Jochen, I hope you get a chance to attend Boston Clojure Group again soon. And we’d love to have you do a presentation.