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I use spacemacs at workv


hey Folks, Is there a way to detect unused require in emacs?


@quieterkali detecting unused requires is something I would use a linter for. I have clj-kondo continually running via flycheck. If that doesn't work, try joker or Eastwood


I’ve picked clj-kondo and it’s working fine. Thank you very much @jr0cket 😄


Currently working on this new feature:

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as newbie question to emacs/cider/lisp. So I have orignally took the env. setup from cljoure the brave and the true doc. everything works perfectly and so on.


I have only one problem from time to time with parenthesis, () like i can't delete parenthesis, is this a special config from CIDER or other emacs plugins which works on lisp? My goal would be to be able to delete parenthesis/deal with them as the current conf 😁


Hi @darioszr I’m unfamiliar with exactly what Brave and True tells you to do, but the thing you’re describing is probably due to an emacs package called either paredit, or smartparens


ah ok thx it might be true. let me check


They’re editing modes specifically for lisps, and they prevent you from having unbalanced parentheses. It’s really nice when you get used to it, but it can be confusing when you’re new


I’d encourage you to give them a shot :)


I'm already using it, but I had no clue that I have beeing using it 😁


I mean Like months ago I downladed the preparred conf from the brave and true, so I just learned emacs from scratch.. 😁


but paraedit is a super hint


now at least I know what I'm using for () , I was thinking that CIDER did it for me 😁 , so I can look at the documenation.. yep, Initially it was kind pita to deal with ().. I find my way , but I'm missing other keyboard shortcuts imho.. thx! 😁 clojure-berlin


btw, I disabled paradit. :face_palm: 🤓 🤪


I have interpreted the fact that in this page(referenced in many pages), the cheatsheet isn't there


so I interpret the fact that isn't there, it was a sign from an obscure AI which govern the world sent to me to say stop using paraedit.. I have tried it use it, but deleting paranthesis etc, was really pita more then any advantages... 😁


@darioszr BraveClojure Emacs setup is very outdated. Take a look at the excellent website. You will benefit from using a tool like paredit or the newer smartparens package to ensure your parentheses stay balance and donstructural editing. A missing paren will break your code. All the Clojure developers I know use some package to manage their parens


thx! I will have look


I get by with only a mode that highlights the parent/bracket/curly-brace that matches the one my cursor is on, and a keystroke to move the cursor there, but I know lots of folks really appreciate more support than that.

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oh, and auto-indenting of clojure-mode


emacs + evil + doom. Doesn't sound ominous at all 🙂

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