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Does anybody use Org-mode's ob-clojure with CIDER? I want to show result from this org-mode babel src block:

#+BEGIN_SRC clojure :session
(if true
  (do (println "Success!")
      "By Zeus's hammer!")
  (do (println "Failure!")
      "By Aquaman's trident!"))


But I got nothing. Is there anything special I need to specify for :session header arguments?


I tried :results output and :results value. none of them works.


Does anyone know of a way for two terminal emacs on the same machine to share buffers? I’m vaguely aware of server mode and emacsclient, which does not appears to do something different.


server and emacsclient should get you want you want. start emacs in one terminal and eval (server-start), in another terminal, run emacsclient -t, that will connect a client to the emacs from the other terminal


I have (server-start) in my init file so that emacsclient is always available