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@jfntn I couldn't replicate your problem exactly in my tests can you see if fixes it?


@stuartmitchell Thanks for looking into this. Unfortunately our project is not setup to track this dependency from source, so I can’t easily test your solution right away. I’d just like to point out that I didn’t try calling rf/dispatch but instead used the :dispatch fx similarly to what you did here: Curious why this ended up commented out!


@jfntn probably fat fingers, I have fixed that now. If you can git clone git checkout pr-fix-dispatch-fx-issue lein install then build your project I was just wondering as I couldn't replicate your error exactly (I had another similar one). Probably an artefact of the strange testing a testing framework setup happening here.


Will do, I’ll comment in the issue


@danielgrosse I much prefer the normalized approach to rf databases


I've tried both and have pretty much fully migrated away from nesting data at this point


became an issue where nested data sets were causing re-renders of the parent and such


as well as the added complexity of knowing where in a nested tree the data is


@danielgrosse in my app-db I have 2 areas: :app namespace; Where I store current page, current user, current path. 0 nested. All flat. All parameter to user "goes back to actual state" was here. :api namespace; where I store the response from server. Here have some nested and indexed data.


Does anyone have a lein template for an electron + figwheel + re-frame + re-com app?


i'm currently looking at and assume i can just bolt in re-frame & re-com as requires and I'm good, but not 100% sure


I now normalized the data and created a tree to save the structure. A subscription parses this tree and rebuilds the whole data for the component.


@sandbags: If you're reasonably comfortable with adding dependencies, both re-frame and re-com are pretty straightforward to add in. re-com has some CSS requirements that you'll have to make sure of, and you'll lose the structure that you would get in the a re-frame specific template, but other that that it shouldn't be too bad.