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@darwin: this is way out there -- have you ever managed to get an android phone running chrome to debug via dirac?


@darwin: do you do any mobile development at all? or is dirac fully desktop oriented? I just realized: I never got dirac to connect to a remote host working, the only way I have dirac working now is via ssh port forwarding, which becoems a mess to setup even if the rest of dirac devtools connects up


I don’t do mobile dev


this is precisely why dirac needs to be a paid product, otherwise no one besides you has any leverage 🙂


dirac is not essential, it is from the category “nice to have” tools


and it exists because I wanted it, not because other people were asking for it

qqq18:03:47 @darwin : do I need dirac for that to pretty print properly as cljs rather than sjs data, or should cljs devtools alone be sufficient ? (I clearly have formatters turned on and cljs dev tools installed)


@qqq yes, you need dirac to do that in sources view