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is there a way in evil to check for "is cursor at end of line" ?


Anyone here using avy jump to line? So it turns out the line short hands are always constant. Is there a way to keep it always displayed? Something like line numbers, but instead of displaying numbers, I want it to just always display the keycode for the avy jump command.


evil easy motion is insane


in emacs, how can I get linum-mode to display relative instead of absolute line numbers?


are there. emacs builtins for killing emacs qhitespace, i.e.

(+ (foo)

  (bar 2 3 )
  (* 2 ( * 3 5) ) )
(+ (foo)
  (bar 2 3)
  (+ 2 (* 3 5)))


basically it should (1) kill all bank white lines, (2) change all adjacent spaces to just one space, and (3) merge )'s that are on their own line


this is sorta weird -- but is it possible in emacs, to have blocks a vertical hrule every 10 lines of buffer displayed


so I want it to look something like

10 lines of buffer
---- a hrule ---- displayed // but not a real line in the file
10 lines of buffer
--- another hrule ---


this is to help me with movement keys, so I can guess things like C-u 10 C-n correctly


@qqq you should collect all these questions + answers somewhere 😀


They can be useful for folks. About the relative numbers in linum I saw some option somewhere, check either the readme or EmacsWiki


@richiardiandrea : as it turns out, you can specify a functino which linum=-mode calls on each line; unfortunately, I don't get refresh to work (i.e. strategy was : get current line, subtract it from the 'absolute count') -- unforuntatley, when I move cursor around, my current-line-count isn't refreshed