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I think I should report an anomaly with Dirac. I first reported on the Boot channel, and @richiardiandrea kindly looked into it as well. We didn't make any progress though, so I'm here. 🙂


I'm using Dirac and boot-cljs-devtools. It has worked great for me, but in one of my projects, the moment I type in the console (DevTools) I get 404 errors such as this: Could not load content for : HTTP status code: 404


Maybe it's better to paste the link to the discussion we had in the Boot channel:


If you click on the date above, you can see the whole exchange.


@danielsz this looks to me like some source maps links are pointing to missing files, dirac asks DevTools to resolve names for code-completion and that probably fails


I would search through all generated js files in your output folder and check their source map links


@darwin Thanks. Will do.