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Really enjoyed listening to @mkvlr and you guys chat. Learned a lot indeed. The questions and responses around the journey into Clojure, comparisons to related technologies (elm/elixr), and getting started where especially valuable to me. As I'm very very new to the clojure{script} world and suffering from the usual "Which editor{plugin}, which build tool, which UI lib/framework, which backend lib/framework, which tdd, which repl setup" And while all that is too much to ask in one podcast, I would love to hear a 2020 "Entry to Clojure" series, where the options are presented and discussed with various experts. Of course, the emacs (cider?) subject matter expert would undoubtably be @vijaykiran. Any santa, thats what I want for Xmas 🎅


glad to hear! Also did a talk on our Journey to Clojure if you’re interested:


there’s also a bit on the libaries in the talk. We’re still happy with pedestal, aero and integrant.


Ahh, ok perfect @mkvlr i'll watch that now 🙂


@cam.asoftware Choose the editor you're most comfortable in. If you don't care, choose Visual Studio Code with Calva (free) or Intellij + Cursive (paid).


Thanks @borkdude I use VS Code now, but was worried about how well supported clojure was. I am mostly excited about being able to evaluate blocks of code in the editor itself, do you know if calva can do that?


Oh Nice!


yeah, Calva can do it. Enter #calva-dev for more info


Perfect, thanks for that info!