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Dimitar Uzunov13:02:07

Hello I get an error in the transactor and a peer on the same server fails to connect. What could this error mean ? 2022-02-07 10:33:27.910 ERROR default o.a.activemq.artemis.core.server - AMQ224095: Error updating Consumer Count: Tried to decrement consumer count below 0: QueueInfo [routingName=admin.response6200f577-f2bb-4e0c-a6df-cc07a5c2c372, clusterName=admin.response6200f577-f2bb-4e0c-a6df-cc07a5c2c3727b3bd979-8800-11ec-b5ca-065204aa7e2f, address=admin.response, filterString=null, id=174, filterStrings=null, numberOfConsumers=0, distance=0]

Dimitar Uzunov15:02:49

the error went away after I upgraded to the latest datomic

Dimitar Uzunov15:02:59

which has a newer version of activemq

Dimitar Uzunov19:02:59

Any plans to support Java 17? The website says 8 is required but there are other docs that say 11 is supported. Peers couldn’t connect to version 17 in our environment


I’d like to know the answer to this too. Peers seemed to run on 17 fine, and the transactor started up with 17 without error and seemed to be running, but no peer could connect to the transactor.


We are running transactors and peers on Java 11 currently


was there an error thrown?


only from the peers saying they could not connect


@U09R86PA4, we are evaluating and looking at JDK 17/Java 17 for the next maintenance release. Usual caution that I don't have a timeline, but it's on our near term todo list. (CC @ULE3UT8Q5)

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artemis seems to be the culprit, latest version supports java 17

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