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lilactown00:02:27 v1.2.0 has been released! Cascade is a library of continuation-passing, thunk producing versions of many Clojure core functions. This provides the ability to write recursive algorithms that work on very nested data structures in Clojure(Script) using familiar operations. New features in v1.2.0: • Reducing functions (`reduce`, `transduce`, `into`) now respect `reduced` • take, `take-while`, `drop`, and `drop-while` • multi-collection `map` arity • cat transducer and `mapcat`

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clojure-extras (0.5.4) has been released to Jetbrains marketplace: Clojure-extras is an IntelliJ plugin which builds on Cursive with clj-kondo, inline evaluation, and more. This version focuses on stability and also adds a new option to symbol highlighting 🙂

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