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Joe Lane15:04:59

Has anyone here successfully downgraded from a datomic cloud production topology back to a solo topology? I tried this weekend and it never finished. Ultimately I just rolled the update back and am now stuck with a production topology.


i noticed, in transaction functions sometimes data structures are vanilla clojure, like a vector, but then sometimes they are something like a java.util.ArrayList, is there any pattern to this? i had a call to vector? in my transactor function that starting failing sporadically, is vector and java.util.ArrayList the only two? or can there be other types too?


@currentoor Datomic doesn’t make any guarantees about Java/Clojure type preservation across the wire


if you need to know that you have a vector, you’ll want to check for it


@marshall, that sounds fine but i just need to know all the things that a vector, from the peer, can be converted to? is java.util.ArrayList it? or can it be other types as well?