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Vincent Cantin08:03:45

Hi. I am trying to write a spec for queries of Datomic and I found 2 different grammars on the website. Which one is the correct one? - -


The first one is for Datomic Cloud, the second one for Datomic On-Prem. I believe the valid Cloud queries are a subset of the valid on-prem queries. E.g. collection binding is not supported in Datomic Cloud queries

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Vincent Cantin08:03:44

So they are both valid? I see. Thx


Yeah, it’s supported for inputs. I meant it’s not supported in the :find spec.


Did you find this in your travels?

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Vincent Cantin07:03:27

I did not know this project. I will still go ahead with my own spec, but thank you for the link.