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before using datomic, I want to make sure: how much can I do with datomic without paying for it? IE can I launch an instance on something like Heroku and use it for free for commercial use, for as long as I want? Scale it as big as i want? this sounds cheap, but I'm working on personal projects, and I'm spoiled by every other database being freely usable, and the answer to this isn't clear to me from the datomic pricing page simple_smile


@josh.freckleton: the cost scales up with the number of processes. You can run a transactor + two peers against a durable storage (and scale those peers up to large instances, etc.) so can get a long ways. You can run it on AWS or Heroku etc. without a paid license. You won’t be able to take advantage of speedups from memcached or an HA configuration for transactors.


follow up questions to about using datomic. What does 12 months of updates are included mean in the Pro Starter version?