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@podviaznikov: it means that your license key will work with any version of Datomic Pro released within one year of when your key is issued.


but it will work forever with that version, right?


Well, forever is a long time. For your lifetime, sure simple_smile Might not be able to run it around the time that the sun expands into a red giant.


@josh.freckleton: I posted a blog about running Datomic on Heroku (TL;DR it’s either insecure or transient if you want to do it for free)


Hey! I have a list of datoms from a production db, that I want to copy over to an in-mem test db. Can I re-use the ids somehow? Or do I need to create new temp-ids, maintaining relations and everything?


@grav: you can’t set entity id’s with an import. For migrations we generally recommend putting unique identifiers on entities (a domain unique identifier or perhaps a generated uuid) so that you can use lookup refs to resolve refs rather than juggling e.g. negative values to tempid).


@raymcdermott: Awesome post! Towards the end, aren't you suggesting there's a free way of using it with Heroku Postgres that's safe, and persistent? (I'm confused since your tl;dr suggests otherwise)


@josh.freckleton: you can use Heroku Private Spaces but that is $1k per month


@josh.freckleton: there are some potential hacks with secondary providers to manage IP addresses but YMMV


@raymcdermott: hm, slightly more than free! Thanks for mentioning your post, it's awesome!


@josh.freckleton: thanks - I have also documented the same for DynamoDB as a backend


@josh.freckleton: the services I refer to are called ‘Fixie’ and ‘Proximo’; with some effort you could provision Datomic that way but it was too hard, for me at least 😉


@josh.freckleton: just checked and seen that there is another one (QuotaGuard Static - perhaps there are more) but same advice applies


@josh.freckleton: just looked and found another buildpack that exposes Datomic as a REST API … seems very nicely done


@raymcdermott: My colleague @paxan made that buildpack! Hit us up if you've got any questions.


I'm curious. Is anyone using Datomic for the serving layer (batch views) portion of the Lambda Architecture? It seems like a weird fit at first, since they're essentially transient, but seems like it could have some advantages (such as being able to join directly into your speed layer Datomic database).