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Kira Sotnikov07:02:49

2016-02-21 06:51:13.541 WARN  default    org.hornetq.core.server - HQ222113: On ManagementService stop, there are 2 unexpected registered MBeans: [core.acceptor.f8f6f6db-d6fe-11e5-bf5a-3f7dbcb4ed23, core.acceptor.f8f6f6dc-d6fe-11e5-bf5a-3f7dbcb4ed23]
2016-02-21 06:51:13.567 INFO  default    org.hornetq.core.server - HQ221002: HornetQ Server version 2.3.17.Final (2.3.17, 123) [fa61aa6d-d6fe-11e5-bf5a-3f7dbcb4ed23] stopped

Kira Sotnikov07:02:23

It's on AWS with official AMI. HA enabled.

Kira Sotnikov07:02:48

Active transactor was restarted (terminated and started again)

Kira Sotnikov07:02:30

How I can investigate or get reason of that

Ben Kamphaus18:02:25

@lowl4tency: do you have logs/metrics? Look for any Alarm WARN, FAIL, or ERROR messages. Also log gaps

Ben Kamphaus18:02:42

HeartbeatMsec aggregate on 1 minute, max with metrics if you have it, you can see missed or latent heartbeats that way.