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Rob Haisfield13:06:35

Are there any really great practice sets to work with? I’m trying to learn statistics through Clojure libraries like Incanter or Kixi

Rob Haisfield13:06:21

Also, are there any books like “Think Stats” but for Clojure? Or a Clojure translation of it?


I would check out also as far as Clojure stats libraries go. @tsulej as some version of think-stats he was working with.

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Rob Haisfield14:06:16

Amazing, thank you

Rob Haisfield14:06:40

@chris441 @tsulej what is notable about fastmath related to the other libraries i pointed to?

Rob Haisfield14:06:01

Thank you so much for translating that book. I’ve been wanting to do more computational stats for a while but Python just didn’t click with me


I wrote fastmath as a support math library for clojure2d and it's a bag of functions I needed.