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clj-kondo new release: 2021.06.18 New - Lint arities of fn arguments to higher order functions (`map`, filter, reduce, etc.) E.g. (map-indexed (fn [i] i) [1 2 3]) will give a warning about the function argument not being able to be called with 2 arguments. - Add map-node and map-node? to hooks API Enhanced / fixed - Disable redefined-var warning in comment - :skip-comments false doesn't override :skip-comments true in namespace config - False positive duplicate element set for symbols/classes Happy linting!

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Anyone know of kondo config for using test.chuck or a convenient lint-as for com.gfredericks.test.chuck.clojure-test/checking which has the form (checking "string identifier" optional-options vec-of-bindings)


@dpassen1 doesn't ring a bell, you could write a hook for it, or ignore unresolved symbols in this macro using a config


Thanks. I will look further into it