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I would like to write neural network (DMN+) in Clojure or possible create with Cortex? What do you think, how to start? (I saw the code in py.. but I would like to improve.. and for me more natural the Clojure language) .. What do you think?


@sb, you could certainly start with Cortex, but at present it doesn’t have any recurrent layers (in master branch at least), so you won’t be able to implement a dynamic memory network (if I understand “DMN” correctly) without writing those yourself. If you wanted to implement the whole thing from scratch, I would probably look at Neanderthal for fast linear algebra.


Yes, I thought dynamic memory network. Thanks!! 👍 in this case I start implement from scratch.


I saw this presentation now. 15:37 - he created a neural network visualisation. I can’t find for this github repo. Could you help what did he use in this presentation for visualisation?