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AJ Jaro01:07:21

Recently, in a deps.edn project, files come up in search and usage search from a directory marked as excluded. In my case, these are “compiled” files so it’s pretty annoying because I should not be editing those. Is there an additional configuration I need for this or did this break recently?


I can’t think of anything that should cause this. This all happens at the IntelliJ level, rather than Cursive, so something must have changed there. It’s possible the project has just gotten funky, have you tried unmarking the directory and then remarking it as excluded?

AJ Jaro11:07:17

I haven't but I will try that and get back to you


@UGMAVSMUM does your deps.edn file include that directory anywhere in an alias?

AJ Jaro16:07:25

The deps.edn does not include that directory in an alias, but it includes it in path. Could that be why?


Yeah, if you have enabled that alias in Cursive settings


Is the directory marked in the project view as excluded? It’ll have a different colour, and if you right click it you’ll see an option “Mark directory as… | Not excluded”.

AJ Jaro14:08:06

I changed my project configuration now and have everything as modules. That solved this problem but made another one…