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Rachel Westmacott21:03:40

Does anyone here know how best to work with a tools.deps clojurescript project from cursive? I've previously had great success using leiningen + figwheel + cursive, but now I'm trying something similar without leiningen and struggling a bit to get a cljs repl running in Cursive that will talk to the browser.


If you’re able to use Shadow CLJS I’ve generally found that to be the easiest option to get going. Otherwise, figwheel main is the best option to use with deps I think, but I’ve not actually set that up myself. Ideally you want to use it with nREPL, which gives a much nicer REPL experience in Cursive.


I’m relying very heavily on deps in my fulcro-rad-demo development. The demo uses 4 dependent libraries, and I’m able to use global ~/.clojure/deps.edn with :override-deps to define things like :fulcro-dev that points to local source…then when I want to be able to edit Fulcro in the context of the demo I can just run shadow-cljs -A:fulcro-dev …. Truly excellent experience. With Cursive, I just use the + button in the Clojure Deps tab to add the local project to the list of projects, and I’m off to the races. I use “Remote” nREPL to talk to shadow-cljs, and that works very well, too.

Rachel Westmacott14:03:17

okay, thanks, I'll read up on shadow-cljs