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Hi, there! I’ve just released a new version of clj-unifier library with unified http responses. Any feedback - welcome. Link:

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)18:03:51

Hi! I'd really appreciate a Rationale section in the Readme to understand what problem this tries to solve.

borkdude10:03:53 This library offers a fix for an issue that GraalVM native-image JDK11 has with clojure.lang.Reflector's use of MethodHandle. Just include it on your classpath while compiling a binary and that's it!

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Calva v2.0.82 just released. It has so many updates since I last announced a change! You'll have to check the CHANGELOG for that. For this post, let it suffice with the great addition of configurable formatting of @nbardiuk's making:

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Jamie Rumbelow20:03:32

excellent, excellent work on calva. lack of decent VS code clj support has been preventing me from working on clj apps more regularly. thrilled that calva is getting close to besting emacs!

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Thanks. CIDER is still way ahead. It is amazing how that project has provided so much tooling that Calva can leverage. Engineering at its very finest.


the demo animated gif was meta -- took my old brain a bit to realize what was going on 🙂


i found it confusing at first, but now i am finding that it may be a nice way to get a feel for the various possibilities :thumbsup:

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It's a bit like a REPL for the config. A bit mind bending to me when I first tried it. I think it will fit in well when someone needs to match some particular formatting policy.


he he -- sooner or later we'll have a machine-learning-based thing that will deduce the formatting settings 😉


I like that idea! Possibly Parinfer can be put to that use. Now I must put shackles on myself not to start trying to do it!

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Just released vim-iced ver 1.1.0, Clojure Interactive Development Environment for Vim8/Neovim.

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thanks for your continued (additional) support of socket repls!

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i got socket repl completion working for something outside of the current ns (in the image augistints.edit (`ae`) 🙂 however, i didn't have any success for the string prep. i expected to see at least prepend-to-defn-body show up. in the image there is a def of prepend-to-defn-body. i got a message that ended with "Pattern not found". should this have worked?


Thank you for supporting babashka!


@UG1C3AD5Z It should be. Could you try :IcedRequire before completion?


@UBL24PLE6 doing :IcedRequire first makes it work, ty! without doing :IcedRequire first it doesn't seem to work (i tried again after restarting both the jvm and neovim).


@UG1C3AD5Z thanks! nrepl automatically executes IcedRequire when connecting, so I'll consider prepl doing too.

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i've thought a bit about automatically having IcedRequire happen upon connection. i'm not sure what it does, but perhaps it is load-file or require? i'm not sure if socket-repl using folks would necessarily want their code loaded by default upon connection. that's not the way i'm used to anyway -- i do all of the loading manually. may be it's obvious, but i evaluated the ns form before trying to complete prep. my expectation was that this should have made completion work. in any case, i hope some of this can help with thinking about what (if anything) to do.


actually, bad expectation - i don't think evaluating the ns should do it, rather manually loading is better. sorry for any confusion :)


@UG1C3AD5Z Thanks for your advice! It is load-file. The initial ns on connection is usually user, and sometimes I open a file different from the initial ns and connect. For nrepl, vim-iced executes IcedRequire to avoid evaluating form with unexpected ns. It may be good to allow user selecting the behavior :)