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Is there a way to get cursive to mark a source directory of a deps.edn project as a test sources route without using the test alias? in this case, the entire project is a test


Yes, you can just mark them as test roots in the IDE and then Cursive will leave them that way.


there’s no zero-config way like with the “test” alias or lein/mvn :test scopes?


I don’t mean to be picky 🙂 I’m thinking of setup for new engineers. The number of projects is very large


I’m considering commiting the misc.xml but that’s been tricky in the past


Any :extra-paths in the :test alias will be marked as test roots, otherwise it’ll have to be by hand. You can add something into :extra-paths under :test even if it also appears under :paths, I’m pretty sure.


The deps tool window only shows a test (system) even if i have a test alias in my project's deps.edn. Is that an expected behaviour? Also the :extra-paths within the :test alias in my ~/.clojure/deps.edn seems to be ignored, when I have a :test alias in my project's deps.edn. (I Cmd-F for the extra path in the classpath printed in the REPL)


Yes, the fact that Cursive doesn’t distinguish system from project deps is a known issue.


I’ll check the :extra-paths thing.