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so I'm working on this clojurescript project. I have files like this:

(ns myapp.some-ns 
   (:require [myapp.something]
             [ :as foo]
             [ :as bar]))
My deps.edn contains
:paths   ["src" "resources" "target"]
I'm running figwheel-main, if that matters. contents of src:
/path/to/src $ tree -L 1
├── myapp
├── symlinked-dir -> ../../symlinked-base/src/symlinked-dir/
└── js
Everything works fine (clojurescript repl etc) EXCEPT when I nav to to , repl stuff doesn't work. File just won't load into REPL. However... if I navigate to target/public/cljs-out/dev/symlinked-dir/foo.cljs , repl stuff works fine. That's all well and good except, obviously, that I need to copy/paste changes from that back to the actual source file or I'll lose work. Not an ideal workflow. I've also observed that if I COPY the files to ../src/symlinked-dir (instead of making symlinked-dir a symlink) everything works completely fine. Does anyone have any experience with this or have any suggestions? (by the way, in case you're wondering, this setup has to do with workplace limitations of not being able to publish to clojars and weird stuff with docker builds) Notes: I'm also open to using :local/root for the symlinked-dir (which is effectively a separate library) or simply having multiple :paths , i.e., :path ["src" "../../symlink-base/src/" "resources" "target"] I have tried all three of those and they've had the exact same results as using a symlink -- that is to say, they don't work for loading stuff into the REPL (but still work from target). However hard-copied files into src work. Thanks, I realize this is probably a bit of an odd workflow but I'm hoping someone has had some experience with this.


I'm not sure if I'm just using CIDER "wrong" (i.e., this is not a supported development pathway), if this is a "bug", or I'm just not configuring something properly


Hi, the feedback from @jr0cket and the perfect, succinct summary from @dpsutton prompted me to really write a about an editor nREPL into production.

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