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If I wanted to try cursive in commercial products I would obviously need the cursive license. Would I also need a commercial license for the underlying IntelliJ? I’m assuming community edition is foreclosed for commercial development?


Not a lawyer, but I think IntelliJ CE is Apache2-licensed, so should be ok to use for commercial purposes.


@U11BV7MTK Yes, you can use IntelliJ community edition for whatever you want. It works fine for Cursive, using Ultimate edition doesn’t add anything Clojure-related.


Also, Cursive has a 30-day trial period, and I’m fine with using a non-commercial licence for longer trials if required, just let me know.


Gauging the cost. It looks like it’ll be $350 per year for IntelliJ plus your fantastic product. I’m happy to pay for good software just making sure I understood the true cost. Thought I remembered IntelliJ costing like 650 per year


@U11BV7MTK I actually can’t remember what it costs now, things got more confusing since they switched to subscription-lite. It depends on what you’re using of their other products too.


> Coordinate type :mvn not loaded for library org.clojure/clojure in coordinate {:mvn/version "1.9.0"} popping up when trying to import a simple deps project. Anyone know why this might be?


{:src ["src"]
 :deps {criterium {:mvn/version "0.4.5"}}}