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Thanks, @manas.marthi! I added a link to that gist to the wiki.


Can I interrupt execution ? @pez

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That is not fully implemented yet, @minhnhat10bk. As I recall it, there is some basic plumbing for it, but the user commands are lacking.


Also, I think that reconnecting the repl might succeed in interrupting any running evaluations. But I haven’t verified that that actually works. You can try that, of course.


Dear calva-friends. I need help testing a thing again. This build has a setting calva.customCljsRepl that allows you to specify how the cljs repl for the project should be started. An example:

"calva.customCljsRepl": {
        "name": "Bar",
        "startCode": "(do (use 'figwheel-sidecar.repl-api) (if (not (figwheel-sidecar.repl-api/figwheel-running?)) (figwheel-sidecar.repl-api/start-figwheel!)) (figwheel-sidecar.repl-api/cljs-repl))",
        "startingRegExp": "Figwheel: Starting server at.*",
        "connectedRegExp": "Prompt will show.*"
Of course that would only recreate the built-in Figwheel confiuration, (and be a bit more limited than the built-in one) so doesn’t make sense to add. If you have a project with some special cljs repl startup/setup, please try config it with this, and see if it works.


Just echoing @minhnhat10bk that interrupting execution is a very desirable feature that I would love to have in Calva. Shooting for the moon here, but if execution could be interrupted and information about the context of interruption printed (ideally the call stack and super super desirably the values of locals in each stack frame), then I would be a very happy camper indeed!


Sounds like a good feature request, @lspector 😃