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I just had a similar error as @danboykis I just created a new leiningen project, opened intellij, updated cursive, restart, create a new local REPL configuration where it should run nREPL with leiningen. The error was: Error running config: working directory /home/sveri does not exist. Fun fact, in this mode I cannot edit the working directory, I had to switch to "use nREPL in normal JVM process", then set the working dir to my project dir and switch back to "run nREPL with leiningen". Now the error is gone and I can run everything as expected


@sveri: yeah it's a weird error, i'm glad someone could confirm it and it's not something weird about my setup


Indeed, the first time I saw it 🙂 @cfleming: Did you hear of it already?


@sveri: @danboykis: No, this is the first I’ve heard of it. I’ll try to reproduce this. I don’t have the code open here but IIRC the working directory for Lein projects is automatically set to where the lein project is, since using lein itself AFAIK you can’t run from anywhere else.