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Will it be possible to work on arachne projects with leiningen?


This also means that there are multiple valid shapes for Arachne projects. Arachne is not a directory layout, or a particular namespace structure, or anything that you will find in a template. Arachne will ship with multiple options: one for a Leiningen project and one for Boot, at least.


I think the actual arachne project will be boot only, but the end-user can use it from both boot and leiningen.


@madstap: Thanks for the link, I was just wondering about windows support and also just saw that pedestal does not support windows currently


which is a bit of a pity


@sveri yeah Arachne will be totally usable as a lein or Boot project, and as that blog post says we’ll provide project templates for both.


I’m just using boot to build Arachne itself since it lets me do crazy stupid things to the build more easily. But the maven artifacts it emits are 100% vanilla and usable via any build tool.


Also @sveri I do want to support windows eventually. A pre-requisite for that is automated integration tests on a windows platform, and once we have that, I should be able to help Pedestal get proper windows support too.


@luke: thanks for the feedback. I am not against boot or pedestal in general, its just that I develop on both linux and windows and as soon as I see something does not have windows support I usually immediately disclose it from further usage. So, its really nice to hear that you want to help getting pedestal running on windows 🙂


@sveri: so I actually just heard back from one of our developers… it looks like Pedestal actually does work on windows and we have clients using it there. I think we’re just being conservative about “official support” because we don’t develop or test on Windows. But everything should still work in theory.


If I got a windows CI server up and running that exercised Pedestal on windows, then I could claim “official” support for both Pedestal and Arachne.


Though to be honest getting that CI server set up is going to be a lower priority for me than finishing the basic framework first. Although, again, it “should” work on Windows by default.


AFAIK pedestal doesn't any esoteric stuff except hooking into a web container. In theory, it will run on whatever the container runs. So I your argue that's a lack of support just because is not a system any of the developers really use


yep. I think they just don’t want to claim support if they never actually use it there. There is a class of issues where it’s possible to break windows support (building paths using str and forward slashes, for example) but those things tend to be pretty easy to find and fix.


@luke: again, thanks, good to know 🙂