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Yes I am, but not consistently. In this project previously, I had to replace rum/defc with rum.core/defc and use the roll-over light-bulb menu to configure an indent Plugin is Cursive 1.3.0-eap1-2016.1


@cfleming. This was because rum/defc could not be resolved, but rum.core/defc could. Does the light bulb menu indent configuration have symbol, file or project scope? I think this behaviour persists with the new plugin - I have some files resolving rum/defc and some not. Sorry, but must do other stuff now - I realise I haven't got to the bottom of this issue yet.


@grumplet: I think it sounds like your indexes may be corrupted. Does File-&gt;Invalidate Caches and Restart help this?


@cfleming. No. Still different in different files. eg. in main.cljs: rum/defc is unrecognised and badly formatted, whereas in core.cljs, it is recognised and gives me syntax help and good formatting. Both files have (:require [rum.core :as rum] . ...No, it's even weirder... core.cljs has reverted to not recognising rum as I pasted in this test snippet from main. (rum/defc foo [] [:div "test"]). I'll try reindexing once more with no files open.


@grumplet: Is this project public, or could you zip it up and send it to me? Or is it a work project?


@cfleming: Try github gmp26/prais2cljs branch links3. After reindexing this time, both core.cljc and main.cljs are bad. and main.cljs


@grumplet: Thanks, I’ll try that tomorrow.