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@cfleming: The main issue seems to be that cursive doesn't recognise rum.core require aliases. So (rum.core/defc ...) is resolved, but (rum/defc ...) isn't - given (ns ... (:require [rum.core :as rum]) in header. It's been worth my while converting to rum.core throughout just so I can find the real non-rum warning messages.


I haven't done much ClojureScript in Cursive, but to what level should I expect Cursive to know about JavaScript libraries? For example, I'm using three.js, and I see it picking up some constructors if I prefix them with js, like (js/THREE.Scene.) and so on. But it doesn't seem to be picking up much beyond that, like functions.


Things like requestAnimationFrame, js/Float32Array, etc aren't resolving either.


This might be normal, but I just wanted to be sure I'm not missing out on some autocomplete that I should be seeing.


Hi! Are there any plans for cursive to support clojure.spec as a kind of type system? Like maybe error highlighting and early error catching?


@cfleming: So, in summary, (rum.core/defc ...) is always resolved correctly, whereas (rum/defc ...) is resolved only sometimes depending on some confounding factor that is more likely to show up in the larger files.


@cfleming: is a short file that fails whereas p.c.body is a short file that works fine.


@cfleming: is there a way I can get hold of the repl history without actually launching the repl?


Hello. How are you guys, I'm using cursive as my new ide from cider because of the deeps code understanding, but I am facing some issues here and there, hope you guys can help. It's mostly about import namespace problems, some goog libs doesnt get resolved when I import them, like Jsonp so I can't see how the api works, does anyone have a solution? thanks


@vinnyataide: I don’t think some of the Google Closure import stuff works unfortunately


@danielcompton Is it because the js parts?


It’s not just JS, because requires work


I see, thanks


@grumplet: Thanks, I haven’t had a chance to look at that problem yet, I’ll try to get to it today.


@solicode: @vinnyataide: @danielcompton: Sadly JS resolution is a bit hit and miss, I’m hoping to improve that soon.


@solicode: WRT things like Float32Array, I’m using the initial imports from Tern to create the initial “browser” environment. They’re a bit lacking unfortunately, and I’m considering moving to the Typescript ones.


@serce: See Spec isn’t capable of providing all the tool support that a type system would, but there’s probably a lot that can be done there. I’m not sure exactly how much yet, though.


@moizsj: No, because Cursive holds different REPL histories for different REPL types.