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When for whatever reason there is an inbalance between brackets or parens, what’s the best option for rebalancing?


I love this IDE, but right now paredit is killing me. In Vim I’d just turn it off for a second.


There is a button for switching structural editing on/off in the lower right hand side of the Cursive window.


DN said the following commands are mandatory for him: Raise, Splice, Split, Sexpr aware kill.


They help with various paren problems. You can look up what keys they are.


So this Cursive business is totally banging. So is figwheel. I've tried before to make them play nicely, but have always got too bored/frustrated and given up. Now when I'm doing frontend work, I end up just using the console repl, which is pony compared to an IDE one. Is there an easy(ish) way to do figwheel in Cursive that I've missed?


I've only know how to do boot clojurescript REPL, but doesn't figwheel let you run a nREPL server?


At least this here seems suggest so - - with :nrepl-port option.


yeah it runs an nrepl server, but then i have to connect to it and it's a pain to restart (which it requires often). Essentially I want to stop running figwheel in a console.


i have, that's the guide i usually try to make work, and is what i'm trying to avoid. I don't want to go adding files and changing config that will annoy the emacs-toting reviewer of my pull request! I'm looking for a way to run an existing project using figwheel in cursive without changing code in the project; of course i'm happy to change my local leiningen profiles. Part of what I want here is to make it easy for designers in my team to fire up a project locally and start editing without having to know how the build system works or how to use a terminal. Thanks very much for taking a look into it, but I guess for now the answer is "not quite, it's still a bit tricky"!


@wildermuthn: @tord: You can also bind the “Toggle Structural Editing” action to a key if you do it a lot.


@conan: How do the emacs-toting heathen users on your project connect to Figwheel?


@conan: cursive has an option to connect to remote repls... what's wrong with that? That's what I use to connect to the figwheel nREPL anyways, and then go

(use 'figwheel-sidecar.repl-api)


We all use it from the terminal


The problem is that figwheel needs restarting often. Having to do the connection dance is a pain, especially for people that don't know how to use the terminal


I'd much prefer just pressing the restart button in the cursive repl


@conan: I’m actually planning a built-in CLJS REPL type in Cursive, with the option to start Figwheel. That should do the trick, but obviously I have to implement it first.