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One of my main annoyances in IntelliJ is the extremely wide margins to the left of any code buffer. The only way I have found to hide those margins is to enable "distraction free mode" from the view menu. Unfortunately, this also hides the Cursive REPL. Has anyone found a way to keep the REPL visible in distraction free mode, or some other way to disable the margins?


Anybody else experiencing this? I open the REPL tool window and I can use the keyboard shortcut cmd+shift left arrow to make the REPL tool window wider and cmd+shift right arrow to make it narrower. However, If I then run a Cursive REPL as described here I can no longer use the keyboard shortcuts to alter the size of the REPL tool window. Any ideas?


@tord: There are some issues relating to this, and, but they’re complaining about wide margins in distraction free mode.


@tord: Are you talking about the gutter area? Could you provide a screenshot showing what you mean?


@simax99: That sounds odd, let me try it.


@cfleming: Yes, looks like "gutter area" is the technical term. I want it to go away, or at least not be so ridiculously wide.


@tord: Looks like is probably as good as you can get, although that answer is a little old now.


@tord: You can search for “gutter” in the settings to see all relevant settings.