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@jkrasnay @dave I'm reverting my branch rename, so I'm reaaaaly sorry about another error, I just didn't realise you had to add extra config to vim-plug if you wanted to use main, I hoped this would be basically seamless, but it's very much not.


I didn't think much about it at first, it's just too breaking, so now I'm introducing another break for at least you two so nobody else hits this.


Merry Christmas? 😬


No worries! I support your decision :)


[reposting from discord] So I renamed master to main a little while ago thinking this would be seamless to all of you, it was not. GitHub redirect URLs on their website from master to main, but your local git will never benefit from this. Also vim-plug defaults to master, so to use the main branch you need to specify it explicitly, which is an annoying gotcha. So I've renamed it back, so it's master again, but if you fixed your local repo for my initial rename, you're going to have to do it again. If you're using a tag or commit you won't notice a difference, this is only for users who relied on master (then main and now back to master). I won't be changing this again, so sorry for the inconvenience! TLDR: I renamed the master branch to GitHub's new default, main, this broke plugin managers in fun ways, so I'm flipping it back in the hope of mitigating further damage.

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Running :PlugUpdate after the revert seems to work fine. No further errors.


For the record, I’ve always used Conjure from the tag, not master. If I hadn’t specified the tag it’s quite possible that GitHub would have handled the redirect from master to main.