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Released some minor library updates. Mostly just one change, to tools.reader, to get rid of annoying "redefining compile-when" message you might have seen. Of course, then one must update upstream. Released today: tools.reader, version 1.3.7 > Note that on NuGet, this library had been available under the name I released under that name, but also under, to match all the other ClojureCLR-ported libs. (tools.reader was the first library I ported, many years ago, before I settled on the naming convention now in use. This change does not affect the namespaces involved, still tools.analyzer.clr, version 1.2.4 tools.namespace, version 1.4.4 > In addition to update the reader dependency, I picked up a few commits from the parent JVM-based lib. test.generative, version 1.0.2 core.async, version 1.6.674 I should have ClojureCLR 1.12.0-alpha6 out tomorrow, with a number of changes, including updating the reader dep. Yes, one does need a scorecard to keep track of all the dependencies.