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Kira McLean19:04:01

Is anyone using react native (or some other framework) with clojurescript (or clojure somehow?) for mobile development? I remember seeing a great David Nolan talk a little while ago about some cool tools they use at Vouchio for a very much non-trivial app, but I can’t remember if it was all hand-rolled/custom stuff or a framework. Anyway I want to try mobile development but also have that belligerent programmer mentality about wanting to use my favourite:sparkles: language.. poking around at what’s already out there and thought I’d ask here in case anyone has any cool options in mind!

Kira McLean19:04:10

yes, that’s exactly what he used in the talk! thanks. Looks like React native might a realistic option, that’s so cool!

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Hey, @UPGS9BS0L. First a general tip, a channel dedicated to RN: #cljsrn. Another general resource: Getting more specific, we found this a great way to get going with CLJS on RN: And be still our Fluttering hearts, coming RSN: hth.


Oops, and another approach that I had good luck with, this one not involving re-frame:

Kira McLean21:04:54

these are excellent resources, thanks so much! especially the channel.. perfect!