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Hello! I've been toying with Quil a bit and now doing some experiments with shaders. It seems there's some weirdness with Y-coords when using textures and was wondering if there's someone who has a good understanding of what are the causes and remedies on the subject. From what I've understood it seems mostly to be a thing about Processing. I'm currently googling and figuring this out, so I might get the hang of this, but figured out if someone already knows it might help and talking about the subject always helps in learning 😄


To elaborate the issue a bit further, it seems that if I render my main animation into a back buffer (PGraphics-object) and then apply a shader as a post-fx for the whole scene, everything is okay during that initial shader pass, but when I apply a second effect, the whole texture seems to get inverted in the process


alright! got it.. it's a long story, tho.. If someone has issues with the same type of thing etc. look me up and gimme a holler!

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