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has anybody used processing.js and clojurescript?


looks like there is something called quil...


I haven't used quill, but I have done some clojurescript with the html canvas. what kind of project do you have in mind?


i would like to fashion a "voting simulation" to show how different voting methods have varying outcomes. i want to have a population and each person has a vector for how much they like the candidates... maybe just randomly derive that.. and then show 2 things: 1) pick a voting method and see who "won" and 2) show the "bayesian regret" for the different victors... i don't know if i know enough stats to do #2 yet but i think #1 is do-able, and i'd like it to look cool. maybe little particles or something.


but as you say, maybe the Canvas is enough...

mruzekw22:08:09 is also another set of libs related to this, but I know the author has mainly moved on to TS over CLJS