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Rowan Barnard06:08:02

Hey guys, not sure if this is Atom or Chlorine specific or a general, I'm-doing-things-incorrectly kind of thing - I've just been having some issues with copying and pasting code from the Getting Clojure epub book I've been learning from - when I copied this bit of code: (ns blottsbooks.core (:require blottsbooks.pricing) (:gen-class)) into my core.clj file and submitted it for evaluation I got back a clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo error "Call to clojure.core/ns did not conform to spec." and when I copied and pasted (​def​ discount-rate 0.15) and submitted that I got back a could not resolve symbol def in this context error


Do you need [] around blottsbooks.pricing? Like (ns blottsbooks.core (:require [blottsbooks.pricing]) (:gen-class))

Rowan Barnard06:08:58

Is there some issue where hidden characters are being copied over from the book text that I'm not seeing? Because when I type these out manually they evaluate and run fine with the proper expected results.


Seems like a hidden character thing. Atom have an option to show invisible characters, maybe toggle it and see if there's something extra. I remember having problems with it while copy-pasting things from PDF