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Good Morning!


@dharrigan Edge has rebel+nrepl if you recall 🙂 It's MIT license so good to steal the code. You might also be able to add wedge-mise as a dependency to do this, ( but I haven't licensed that yet so YMMV.


Wedge-mise is pretty cool, I should really write about it 😛


It doesn't depend on wedge at all, so you should be good to use it in any project. But, again, it's lacking a license so YMMV. Most likely I'll put it under MPL2 or similar.


@dominicm Hey! Good shout! I forgot about that. Thank you 🙂

Jakob Durstberger07:06:24

Good morning and happy Monday. Does anyone have any pointers to draw graphs (mostly line charts to begin with) with Clojure?


@jakob.durstberger with JVM clojure, has served me well (and is used by cognitect REBL). For something fancier on the JVM you'll want one of the funky Vega wrappers that are about, some of them run entirely in the JVM. For ClojureScript you'll probably want ReCharts or whatever your first hit is on search for "react charts". For fancy Cljs charts I recommend Visx as a very good D3 wrapper that gives a lot of flexibility.


I’ll just add that oz, one of the vega wrappers, works both on Clojure and Clojurescript


Nice! couldn't remember if oz did that or not.

Jakob Durstberger08:06:46

Thank you I’ll look into those. I don’t need anything fancy to begin with. Just a way to calculate some data over time and plot it on a line 😄


xcharts if def your friend 🙂


I'd love to do my own version of a radar or something at some point 🙂

Luis Thiam-Nye10:06:35

Good Morning™