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Good Morning!


Morning :)...

Eamonn Sullivan19:12:29

Evening, everyone. I have permission from the other half to purchase a laptop, which I'd use for some light Clojure/ClojureScript fun (in addition to the usual stuff), and as a replacement for our ancient (~10 years old) desktop PC running Ubuntu. My work machine, is a mid-2015 Macbook Pro (15-inch) with 16GB of RAM and a 300GB SSD, which comfortably handles Scala and ReactJS. For home, however, I'm more comfortable in Linux, which is generally a lot less resource hungry. Does anyone else use a Linux as their main development machine? How is it equipped? The local shop is selling Lenovo Thinkpads with 8GB of RAM and (IIRC) a 200GB SSD for about £300, and I'm thinking of pouncing. Or am I kidding myself? I do web apps, not video editing or big data/AI.


I use Linux and Arch as my OS. I also have a Lenovo X1 Extreme. I've had X1 Carbon's before that, running Ubuntu, Mint, Debian and Arch.


I would get 16GB of RAM, everything else is fine. 200GB is plenty.


At work, we all use Linux as our OS, a mix of Ubuntu/Arch.


(guess which one I use :-))


@eamonn.sullivan i used a refurb thinkpad carbon for 6 weeks of dev work when my work supplied MBP spat the dummy and it was fine, if a little slow when doing heavy re-frame/10x stuff


it’s what I use for home/side projects and it’s fine, had to configure the swap quite carefully tho


running the day job stack is like, 3 jvms plus shadow cljs plus cassandra and kafka in docker, so I know it can handle that


I've moved away from having a swap partition to favour a swap file instead. You can easily delete it, resize it, do-what-you-want-with-it, to tune it to your workload.


On my X1 Extreme, I do Kotlin, Clojure - I also run a few LXD containers with postgres, mongo, kafka and redis operational - I also use Visual Studio Code and I dabble in Javascript/React when required. I also run IntelliJ Ultimate and Firefox


Currently, I have 6GB RAM used


oh, and swapon is saying 0B used 🙂


If you're really only doing "light" clj/cljs then 8GB will suffice but if you can get 16GB without paying too much more I'd say go big. I have a 7-year old Dell XPS 12 with Windows 10 and 8GB and it is "fine" for "light" clj work, with MySQL running as well, albeit a bit slow. If I wanted to do "work" on a laptop, I'd consider 16GB a minimum.

Eamonn Sullivan20:12:15

Thanks, everyone. I was debating whether to go for 16, so you’ve tipped me in that direction. I’ll get a quote from them on 16.


@eamonn.sullivan I'll be interested to hear how much it is for the 16GB so please report back on that! Gotta think about a replacement for my ancient XPS 12 at some point...


My refurb thinkpad was painfully slow.