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morning 😼 mogge


moving day today. Trying to stay out of the way of the movers and feeling a bit useless


😂 there's only so many cups of tea you can offer


just hover and look awkward, that's my approach


pretend to read a newspaper or something


pick up small objects and put them down again


I took down the curtains. Made a cuppa (had to get some milk). They are patronising me nicely. I think they've done this before.


It's always nice dealing with professionals


having to go get some milk was a good plan / time filler


what if those professionals are developers


I'll remember that


is that still nice


I don't know I've not experienced that before


I've always been a devloper from the inside


Moving day is always fun


where are you moving fromto otfrom?


from: South London (Tulse Hill) to Dundee. Staying at Mastodon C. A bit of commuting and a bit of remote working


Scotland is growing in clojurians.


Dundee’s pretty nice actually, lived there for over 10 years. Where abouts are you staying @otfrom? West end? The Ferry? Newport? Tayport? …


Hey, does anyone know of a good algorithm, library, approach etc to succinctly compare keysets of nested structures... In particular, given two maps, I’d like to count {:a 1 :b 2} as different to {a: 3 :b 45 :c 34} not because of it’s values but because of the differences in keys. This is an easy example. A more complicated example would be {:a [{:b 1}]} is different to {:a [{:c a}]} because of :b -> :c however… {:a [:b 1}]} might be of the the same structure as {:a []}, it just doesn’t have any inner maps so I don’t want to report this…


sounds pretty specialised @paulspencerwilliams… I’d probably just build something out of clojure.set, keys and clojure.walk


yeah @rickmoynihan, that was my goto but didn’t want to reinvent the wheel. Normally, to these questions, more experience clojurians normally reply with ‘just use the blah function/library that does exactly what I want!


or perhaps


though as you say that compares values


so just walk the structure, converting maps to keysets, and then apply diff


probably just a few lines


Yea, walking is the best bet I think.


@rickmoynihan Blackness. West End really. Under 10 mins down the hill to Perth Road


in a house built in 1793


which is the oldest place I've ever lived in


@ali_king has already hit me up to do a talk in Edinburgh 😉


(but I've pushed back until Dec/Jan


@otfrom, living in Blackness since 2017. Hail Cthulhu! ^(;,;)^


Morning all.


@otfrom: cool. I know exactly where you are. I’m guessing you’re up near Victoria Park / Balgay Hill… A lot of houses that end have stunning views of the Tay.


You could always reinstate the dundee clojure dojo for me 😉


a dundee dojo would be fun. No idea if there would be takers in Dundee, but I'll see what I can do.


We've got a great view of the Annfield industrial estate. 😄


no real view of the Tay b/c of the trees. I'm OK with that tho as I like trees. 🙂


we're a bit east of those parks


any Dundee tips greatly appreciated


Dundee tips… ok… - Best curry (south indian) is Malabar on Perth Road… though just googled it and it closed this year… Very sad. 😞 - The Parlour Cafe (Westport opposite the globe) is pretty good - The same people also have another cafe called the folk cafe opposite the overgate at the junction with Perth Road. It’s also pretty good. - Reekie Linn is a pretty cool waterfall about 20/30 minutes drive out of Dundee - Definitely walk up the law for a view of the Tay and the Tay bridge - Broughty Ferry can be quite nice for a day out… They used to have a beer festival at a pub called the fish - was always good fun. - Laings on Roseangle just off Perth Road has the nicest beer garden in the city- when the weathers nice it’s pretty nice. - St andrews makes a nice day out - The DCA have frequently changing art exhibitions and pretty cool independent cinema - The McManus galleries have some cool stuff: - Edinburgh is great, and easy to get to & from via the train. - Lots of great walks / days out especially if you can drive. Would recommend: Loch Tay, Dunnottar castle ( ), Dunkeld, The Trossachs etc… Also lots of cute little villages down the coast beneath st andrews… thinking Pittenweem, Crail, Anstruther… Anstruther make a strong claim to having the best fish and chips in Britain. - Lots more, depends what you’re in to…


that is super helpful. I think we'll look at hitting all of those. 🙂


Also: - Glamis Castle - Perth for castle & Wallace Monument - Definitely do Hogmanay. Edinburgh is the obvious one, but also the Stonehaven fireball is great fun… As is Inverness (they have an awesome Ceilidh bar called Hootanannies which do great gigs on Hogmanay). - On the subject of Ceilidh’s definitely go to some and get involved. There’s an amazing rural ceilidh in Tarfside. My wife and I used to do it every year when we lived up there. We used to camp up there with about 30 mates, watch the sheep dog trials, drink and go to the ceilidh… might be a bit wild though… If you want something a bit more civilised I’d also recommend the Ceilidh’s at Ghillie Dhu in Edinburgh (top end of princes street). They do them every week. - Also Tentsmuir forest is about 20 minutes away from Dundee on the other side of the Tay, above St Andrews. You can see dolphins sometimes on the Tay and along the coast that way. Plus if you’re on the train to Edinburgh keep an eye out for Seals sunbathing on the rocks between Inverkeithing (IIRC) and the Fourth bridge.


And if you want to do any of the Islands, definitely do Arran. It’s known as Scotland in the miniature and it’s really true. Can also recommend Mull/Iona. Orkney and some of the other islands are a bit bleak for me


Oh and if you do Arran definitely take the ferry across to the Holy Isle and take the walk over the tops that way.


Oh and the Dundee Rep can be pretty good. And some of the nicer bars used to be down south tay street. Some good pubs on Perth Road too… For sandwiches, there used to be a fantastic sandwich shop on Perth Road between the university and south tay street called “super snack”. Also there’s a slightly higher end place a few doors down called the guzzling gourmet.


That really is an impressive castle!


I love castles. That one looks amazing.


We accidentally found this one when driving around the Highlands a few years ago. A great find..


#clojure-uk has turned into a travel guide!!! 😱


Yeah Dunnottar is pretty epic - it’s what all castles should be