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I thought I'd poke my head out of the shell of the Faraday cage before I'm plunged back into pre internet darkness for the rest of the week!


So @agile_geek does that mean you've got a new job?


No it means I'm looking...hard!


Plenty of permanent junior jobs in NE but not much in way of senior contracts.


morning 😼 mogge


Quick barometer check, anyone here think that the self-styled “Alt-Right” movement has any__ redeeming features at all or indeed any sections therein that are not fundamentally prejudiced against minority groups? Honestly I want to know, no judgement, as I may need to adjust my thinking…

Rachel Westmacott11:08:50

I suspect that some sections of what are known as the ‘Alt-Right’ are not fundamentally prejudiced. Mostly on the grounds that “all generalisations are false”, rather than because of any specific knowledge in this area.

Rachel Westmacott11:08:55

On the other hand if you hang around with overt fascists, then you probably deserve the assumptions that people will make about you.

Rachel Westmacott11:08:42

If I was being charitable I might say that an enthusiasm for questioning the status quo is a redeeming feature, but honestly I don’t think that’s enough to redeem some of the other features witnessed. (not by a very large margin)


Thanks @peterwestmacott - I feel reassured in my position. 🙂

Rachel Westmacott11:08:53

what made you feel that you might need to adjust your thinking?


Someone I thought__ I knew well was tying themselves in knots defending the Alt-Right and I just thought that I ought to get a reality check.


(Elsewhere, not on here)


@agile_geek you'll probably be interested in this. Not sure how long it would take you to get to Leicester. Very nice place though 🙂.


@maleghast @peterwestmacott for what it's worth, my 'Alt-Right' moves the cursor (point) one word to the right (I prefer to call it 'Meta-right').....or is that not what you were discusing?


@dominicm thanks for thinking of me but (for personal reasons I can't go into) I'm not looking for a permanent role. This should answer your question about how easy it is to get to Leicester....,-2.3571684,8z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m8!4m7!1m2!1m1!1s0x487e64c8cbe0fc97:0xa8135c37990656ba!1m2!1m1!1s0x487742ab49b76c73:0x9a151d2a6fb49cb8!3e0 Not exactly daily commuting distance!


I thought the distance between Newcastle and Nottingham was shorter... I have no idea why.

Rachel Westmacott14:08:47

you might be thinking of lexicographic distance?


To be honest, I think just put them both as "up north"


@dominicm “up north” - 😆


(well, ok, Newcastle is “up north”)


I mean, once you're in Scotland, I think there's very little north of you 😛


anything past Andvover was considered "up north" from whereI I used to live 😉