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How complete are you aiming this to be? Could it generate something else than spec syntax? There is work ongoing in making JSON Schema -> #malli and would like to see this for #schema too


I am doing this just to get familiar with vega enough to implement few charts for my projects troll


so for now I am going to finish spec1alpha, and then (but don't know when) - spec2


I need to finish few combinator use cases, such as oneOf , and see what can be done for string spec (all the regexes, etc.), then I'll package it up as a lib. The main purpose would be to generate spec forms, and it will be up to user what to do with them: paste into file, etc. Now, I am not aiming for it to be fast, just maintainable.


I am not very familiar with plumatic-schema, and only have seen few slides of mali, but I think it would be even easier to translate to those, given: that would be second/third implementation, and those support nested inline anonymous declarations.