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Drew Verlee14:06:20

How would i got about setting the port for the nrepl server thats starting? I'm starting a remote nrepl server via the tools sdeps cider-clj alias documented here: I assume its an options i pass to nrepl.cmdline ...


0 and nil are assumed to be a random open port. -p/--port PORT Start nREPL on PORT. Defaults to 0 (random port) if not specified.

Drew Verlee16:06:32

I launched a kuberentes pod where i specified the main-namesapce as nrepl.cmdline and passed it args for the cider middleware and port. Then i ran a tunnel that lets me talk to pods as if there local and ran cider-connect and passed it pod ip and nrepl/containerPort. This results in : Buffer *cider-uninitialized-repl* has no process . I'm not sure what that implies. I would also be open to any docs or success stories people have had doing this type of thing.

Drew Verlee17:06:01

My port forwarding wasn't working the way I had thought it did.